In the SIGINT PwN sCh00L we teach you how to become a l33t hacker, focusing on three main areas:
– web: web application hacking
– pwn: binary exploitation & reverse engineering
– crypto: cryptography

Lectures are every Monday at 7pm in Appleton Tower. The class is taught by students, professors and industry professionals.

Practice challenges are available at To learn Unix command line (you will need it!), check out Over the Wire. You can find the slides for each lesson below.


Week 1 (24 Sept 2018): Introduction & Web 1

Web Hacking: Beginners

Week 2 (01 Oct 2018): Pwn 1

Binary Hacking 0x00: Reverse engineering, x86 stack overflow

Week 3 (08 Oct 2018): Crypto 1

Introduction to Cryptography

Week 4 (15 Oct 2018): Web 2

Introduction to Network Security

Week 5 (22 Oct 2018): Workshop

We will be running an interactive workshop with challenges in all categories.

Week 6 (31 Oct 2018): Web 3

Our friends at Context Information Security will present a workshop on web application security.

Week 7 (5 Nov 2018): Pwn 2

Binary Hacking 0x01: Modern security mitigations

Week 8 (12 Nov 2018): Crypto 2