Openvpn files are, with instructions for remote users

You can can download the VMs for tonights workshop here:

Once downloaded (assuming you already have a Kali VM in VirtualBox):

  1. Open VirtualBox
  2. New -> Linux VM
  3. Select RAM (1GB will be fine)
  4. Use existing VMDK -> select downloaded file (don’t boot VM)
  5. Virtualbox Settings -> Networking -> Add Nat Network (Enable DHCP & Use IP range you don’t need, should be fine)
  6. Like so: 
  7. Change network adapter to NatNetwork on Kali & Exploitable VM
  8. Boot Kali
  9. Boot Exploitable VM
  10. Scan from Kali to find VM IP!
  11. Exploit & Repeat!


We have the VMs already up and running here to use:



A list of tools are here:



Please use responsibly.